Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 2

Distance biked: 62.3 miles
Virginia Beach, VA - Williamsburg, VA

Lots and lots of biking, but that sentence is going to seem lame when we're doing 100 mile days later on in this journey. It was great to leave the clustered city of Virginia Beach and then see the rural fairytale land of towns like Suffolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and probably some more that we can't remember. We were given corn bread by a nice lady sitting on her front porch. Shout out to C and B's Diner a waitress that we all thought was very pretty. There was a dead turtle on the road at one point, and Jason couldn't believe that such a creature could make it all the way from the ocean. Jackson provided further evidence that Jason sucks, however, and pointed out that it was a snapping turtle and didn't come from the ocean. Google Maps worked really well today, bringing us through residential areas and fields of dandilions and corn that seemingly stretched forever. At many moments, we would look at eachother and say "I can't believe a place like this exists." Then we realized... this is most of the country, and how does Los Angeles exist is the real question. Perspective was rocked real nicely, and riding trough arching tall trees, open fields, and farmers was a perfect way to reflect. We biked on massive bridges over bodies of water, which was really trippy on bike. Finally, after dense forested areas and narrow roads, we were spit out to Pocahontas Street and the James River, where we took the ferry to Williamsburg, and met sir Dale, the greatest host ever. We're actually using his computer to make these posts. More of our experiences with him will come later.

on a bridge

the dank



trippy visual (to become a series)

dandilions. yeah

snapping turtle




snarf and garts (max yo)





lovin it all baby


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